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Kopala Films

Kopala Films

‘Brevity is the soul of wit’ or so says Ice, and boy is he right. Grab their attention, make them laugh, and leave them laughing. When producing a comedy video there’s no faster way to kill a joke than to beat it into the ground. 

The person directing your video should have the same taste in humor as you and your team. Ice Morgan is one such creative director, If your meetings are filled with laughter and mirth, you’re on the right path. That synergy is the first sign that you’re about to make something great…or at least funny.


Comedy videos can rally your audience and draw the public’s attention to your brand. Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to viral videos, and it’s a good way to show the humanity behind your company. They’re an opportunity to play with your organization’s characters, develop your inside jokes and stories, and establish a familiarity with the public that a more serious video may miss. 





Once you know who it is you are talking to, get in their heads. When creating an internal company video, for example, talk to multiple employees to find out what’s funny team-wide and company-wide. We internalized the concept from the client and traded carefully with the target audience and BOOM! We have a product.

Make sure you’re not the only one enchanted by Spoiler. Your cast needs to be universally charming—did we mention funny, too? Kopala earns ridiculous amounts of money because the success of shows and movies rides on their backs. 


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