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Kopala Films

Kopala Films

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Aerial Surveys and Inspections

A safe, time-saving, and cost-efficient alternative to conventional survey methods.

Aerial surveys and inspections are cost-effective, time-saving, and quite often the safest way to survey sites – be that a wind farm, historical building, construction site, chimney at height, land or roof inspections at all angles.

From just K12,800 a day, we can put your footage through our in-house edit facilities with a talented and experienced editor.

Or alternatively, try our location edit. Depending on the complexity of the task, we can create simple edits there and then with each aerial filming team equipped with the very latest laptop edit systems.

We’re just a call away if you require further details.


From our bases in Kitwe and Lusaka, we provide experienced, professional drone aerial filming and full content production. We are proud to work across a huge range of TV, film, corporate and commercial productions





Aerial Photography

Whether you want an eye-catching opening shot for a brochure or website, promotional images, or a poster-size vista, we offer exceptional quality photography from up above.

Dedicated aerial photography is available as a standalone package or if we’re doing aerial filming with you, you can add aerial photographs as an extra.


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