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Copperbelt Filmmakers Rising Up to the Challenge

Resuming Workshops on the Copperbelt: Empowering Filmmakers for Sustainable Growth

Empowering filmmakers on the Copperbelt is not just about unlocking their potential; it's about igniting a creative revolution that transcends boundaries. By providing knowledge, skills, and collaboration opportunities, these workshops pave the way for sustainable growth, transforming dreams into captivating stories that resonate with the world.

The vibrant world of filmmaking in Zambia has captivated audiences across the country, showcasing the talent and creativity of local filmmakers. However, for filmmakers based in the Copperbelt region, there has been a noticeable absence of empowering workshops that predominantly take place in Lusaka. As workshops like ZRA, ZANACO, and AMACE continue to be held in the capital city, it is high time to refocus our attention on the Copperbelt. By resuming workshops specifically tailored to the needs of Copperbelt filmmakers, we can empower them with the necessary skills and knowledge to flourish in the industry. This article aims to explore the significance of such workshops and shed light on the benefits they bring to filmmakers and the industry as a whole.

Leveling up the Playing Field

The Copperbelt region has emerged as a hub for talented filmmakers, witnessing a rise in the number of productions originating from the area. However, when compared to their counterparts in Lusaka, Copperbelt filmmakers often face distinct challenges, particularly in accessing funding for their projects. This discrepancy necessitates targeted interventions that bridge the knowledge gap in understanding the business side of the film industry. By reintroducing workshops on the Copperbelt, filmmakers will have the opportunity to acquire essential skills, particularly in sourcing funds for their productions. This will level up the playing field, ensuring a fairer chance for success.

Empowering Filmmakers

Workshops focusing on the business aspects of film provide invaluable opportunities for filmmakers to gain essential knowledge and skills. From understanding financing models to learning effective strategies for pitching and marketing projects, these workshops offer a comprehensive crash course that empowers filmmakers to navigate the complex landscape of the industry. By equipping Copperbelt filmmakers with this knowledge, they will be better prepared to attract investors, secure funding, and bring their creative visions to life. Ultimately, this empowerment will contribute to the growth and sustainability of their filmmaking careers.

Exploring Alternative Content Output Platforms

Apart from funding, workshops on the business of film also shed light on various content output platforms. As the industry continues to evolve, it is essential for filmmakers to stay updated on the latest trends and opportunities. By expanding their understanding of alternative platforms such as streaming services, Copperbelt filmmakers can explore new avenues for distribution, reach wider audiences, and potentially increase their revenue streams. Resuming workshops on the Copperbelt will facilitate this exploration and empower filmmakers to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities

Workshops not only provide valuable knowledge and skills but also serve as platforms for collaboration and networking. Bringing together filmmakers from the Copperbelt region fosters a sense of community, encourages the exchange of ideas, and creates opportunities for partnerships. These connections can lead to co-productions, shared resources, and the cultivation of a supportive network that benefits all participants. By resuming workshops on the Copperbelt, filmmakers will have a dedicated space to connect, collaborate, and strengthen the overall ecosystem of the regional film industry.


Resuming workshops on the Copperbelt is crucial for the growth and sustainability of the film industry in Zambia. By addressing the specific needs of Copperbelt filmmakers in terms of the business of film, these workshops will empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the industry successfully. With a focus on funding opportunities, alternative content output platforms, and fostering collaboration, these workshops will level up the playing field, enhance the quality of productions, and contribute to the overall growth of the film industry in the region. Let us come together to support the resurgence of workshops on the Copperbelt, empowering filmmakers and ensuring a vibrant and thriving film industry for years to come.

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