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Stanbic Bank and NAMA Join Forces to Empower Zambia's Creative Industry

Stanbic Bank recognized the creative industry's significance and pledged to explore innovative financial solutions that could drive the industry forward.

In a groundbreaking move to support and empower Zambia's vibrant creative industry, the National Association of Media Arts (NAMA) executives participated in the Stanbic Bank Interaction Workshop held in conjunction with the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Arts and the National Arts Council. The workshop, designed to address the challenges faced by the creative sector, saw key stakeholders come together to pave the way for a more prosperous future for artists and media professionals.

The workshop, which took place on July 28, 2023, at an esteemed venue, witnessed the convergence of executives from various art associations, including NAMA, as they engaged with representatives from Stanbic Bank. The event's primary objective was to foster collaboration and dialogue between the banking sector and the creative industry, with the shared vision of creating tailored financial products and solutions that meet the unique needs of artists and media practitioners.

The opening remarks were delivered by the esteemed Arts Permanent Secretary,

Chama Fumba, who emphasized the importance of recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by the creative industry. He urged Stanbic Bank to develop financial products and services that align with the industry's distinctive requirements, fostering an enabling environment for artistic growth and sustainability.

NAMA, as one of the prominent stakeholders representing the media arts sector, was well-represented by its executive members at the workshop. Leading the delegation was the association's President, Mrs. Bridget Malumba, whose dedication to advancing the interests of media artists is well-known. Alongside her were the Treasurer General, Ms. Paxina Mpundu, the Publicity Secretary, Mr. Abel Silungwe, and Committee Member Mr. Boyd Musunga, each passionate about driving positive change in the creative landscape.

Throughout the workshop, a diverse range of topics was discussed, addressing the unique challenges faced by artists and media professionals. From funding and investment opportunities to access to financial services tailored to their needs, participants actively engaged in discussions aimed at unlocking the creative industry's full potential.

One of the key takeaways from the workshop was the importance of financial literacy within the creative community. Many artists and media practitioners are not well-versed in financial matters, making it challenging for them to navigate the complexities of accessing funding or managing their finances efficiently. Stanbic Bank expressed its commitment to providing financial education programs tailored to the creative industry, empowering artists to make informed decisions about their financial future.

Furthermore, the workshop shed light on the immense economic potential of the creative industry. Art and media play a crucial role in shaping culture, promoting tourism, and contributing to the nation's economic growth. As such, the need to invest in and support the sector becomes all the more evident.

Stanbic Bank recognized the creative industry's significance and pledged to explore innovative financial solutions that could drive the industry forward. By customizing financial products, including loans, savings accounts, and investment opportunities, Stanbic Bank aims to empower artists and media professionals to realize their creative visions without undue financial constraints.

As the workshop concluded, there was a sense of optimism and renewed energy within the creative community. The collaborative effort between Stanbic Bank, the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Arts, the National Arts Council, and art associations like NAMA signaled a turning point in supporting and uplifting Zambia's creative industry.

In the wake of the workshop's success, NAMA executives expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a significant event. They highlighted the importance of continued collaboration between stakeholders to sustain the momentum generated during the workshop. As representatives of media arts professionals, they reiterated their commitment to advocating for the sector's interests and supporting its growth and development.

Stanbic Bank Interaction Workshop served as a pivotal moment in fostering a stronger bond between the banking sector and the creative industry. With the support of Stanbic Bank, tailored financial products and services will soon be available to address the unique challenges faced by artists and media practitioners. As the creative landscape continues to evolve, the collective efforts of all stakeholders will be instrumental in unleashing the creative industry's vast potential and making Zambia's art and media scene shine on both local and global stages.

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