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SOTAMBE Zambia International Film Festival Unveils 2023 Nominees

A Celebration of Southern African Cinema

On 1st August 2023, the excitement in the Zambian film community soared as the SOTAMBE Zambia International Film Festival announced its highly-anticipated list of nominees for the 10th edition of the Festival. The Facebook Live Session, hosted by the Festival, revealed the chosen films and nominees across various categories, reflecting the region's thriving film industry. The nominees' selection was no easy feat, given the impressive quality and diversity of submissions received from both within Southern Africa and internationally.

A Showcase of Southern African Talent This year, the Festival introduced several new award categories, showcasing the growing talent and creativity within Southern Africa's film industry. Out of the 17 awards, Best Animation (Southern Africa) and Best TV Series (Southern Africa) had to be withdrawn due to a smaller number of submissions. However, the submissions under the Short Film Category, both from Southern Africa and beyond, were abundant, prompting the Jury to include more short films in the screening program.

The Jury's Deliberation The task of selecting the nominees from the pool of exceptional films was entrusted to a distinguished Jury panel. The Head of the Jury, Mr. Leonard Amanya, expressed the panel's excitement and appreciation for the overwhelming number of submissions and the outstanding quality of scripts and cinematography. He noted that the Southern African film industry is blossoming, making the selection process particularly challenging.

Awarding the Best in Southern Africa The nominations encompass an array of categories, recognizing different aspects of filmmaking excellence. From Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography to Best Sound and Best Director, the Festival acknowledges the immense effort and dedication that goes into creating impactful films. Moreover, this year, the Festival introduces the 'Movie Fans Award' for the Best Short Film and Best Feature Film (both from Southern Africa). The public across Southern African countries will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite films through our partner organization InWit from 1st to 15th September 2023.

The Nomination List: A Showcase of Brilliance The nomination list is a testament to the region's storytelling prowess and cinematographic finesse. Films from Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, and the DRC garnered acclaim across various categories. Notable nominees include "Can You See Us?" from Zambia, "Misnomer" from Malawi, "The Midnight Bride" from Tanzania, and "Ngoda" from Zimbabwe. (See list of nominees at the end of the article)

Celebrating Southern African Filmmakers The Festival also celebrates the talent behind the camera, with awards recognizing Best Actor and Best Actress in a Feature Film. Southern African actors have delivered remarkable performances, bringing their characters to life and captivating audiences worldwide. The nominations for Best Director highlight the exceptional leadership and vision demonstrated by filmmakers from the region.

Recognition and Opportunity The nominations are more than just a celebration; they represent an opportunity for filmmakers to connect, collaborate, and expand their horizons. The SOTAMBE Zambia International Film Festival has become a platform for fostering networking, regional collaborations, and business deals. With the addition of the Business Arena Content Market, content buyers, sellers, and delegates can explore avenues for distribution and partnerships.

The Festival's Grand Event Mark your calendars! The 10th SOTAMBE Zambia International Film Festival is set to take place from 23rd to 30th September 2023 at the Zambian Italian Cultural Centre and Nu Metro Cinema in Lusaka, Zambia. Under the theme 'Expansion to the World,' the Festival promises a thrilling lineup of films and masterclasses. Attendance is open to the public, with free screenings and limited seating capacity.

An Invitation to All Festival Director, Martina Mwanza, extends a warm invitation to all filmmakers,

industry professionals, and film enthusiasts to join the Festival. Regardless of nomination status, the event offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and experiencing the best of Zambian and Southern African cinema.

The unveiling of the 2023 nominees for the SOTAMBE Zambia International Film Festival is a testament to the remarkable strides made by Southern African filmmakers. The Festival's commitment to celebrating excellence and providing a platform for regional and international exposure is commendable. As the world awaits the grand event in September, anticipation grows for an unforgettable showcase of cinematic brilliance from the vibrant heart of Southern Africa. Let us come together to appreciate the artistry, storytelling, and cultural richness that the Festival brings to our screens and lives.

The detailed programme and screening schedule will be announced in due course. For updates and announcements, follow the Festival's social media pages. Filmmakers and delegates interested in the Business Arena Content Market can register for the event to explore opportunities for distribution and partnerships.

About SOTAMBE Zambia International Film Festival:

Established in 2014, the SOTAMBE Zambia International Film Festival is dedicated to promoting African and global cinema, celebrating the art of filmmaking, and creating a platform for filmmakers and industry professionals to connect, learn, and collaborate. The Festival's commitment to supporting the region's film industry continues to inspire and uplift filmmakers and audiences alike.

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Best Screenplay (Southern Africa)

  1. "Can You See Us?" - Zambia

  2. "Misnomer" - Malawi

  3. "Time Spent with Cats is Never Wasted" - South Africa

  4. "AFILIKA (Africans)" - Zambia

  5. "Mirage" - Zimbabwe

  6. "The Midnight Bride" - Tanzania

Best Cinematography (Southern Africa)

  1. "AFILIKA (Africans)" - Zambia

  2. "Can You See Us?" - Zambia

  3. "Usiliye" - Zambia

  4. "Ngoda" - Zimbabwe

  5. "Misnomer" - Malawi

Best Sound (Southern Africa)

  1. "The Midnight Bride" - Tanzania

  2. "FRIDA" - Tanzania

  3. "Can You See Us?" - Zambia

  4. "Ngoda" - Zimbabwe

  5. "Misnomer" - Malawi

  6. "Mirage" - Zimbabwe

Best Short Film (Southern Africa)

  1. "Red Lipstick" - Zambia

  2. "Usiliye" - Zambia

  3. "Enough" - Botswana

  4. "To be loved" - Zambia

  5. "Butu" - DRC

  6. "Love Hates" - Zambia

  7. "On/Off" - South Africa

Best Documentary (Southern Africa)

  1. "Lobola, A Bride's True Price?" - South Africa

  2. "Mkomazi Rhino Guardians" - Tanzania

  3. "Light" - Zambia

  4. "Fraha" - South Africa

Best Actor in a Feature (Southern Africa)

  1. Marlo Minnaar - "On/Off" (South Africa)

  2. Wilfred Hoare - "Starting New" (Zambia)

  3. Thabo Kaamba - "Can You See Us?" (Zambia)

  4. Eddie Sandifolo - "Ngoda" (Zimbabwe)

  5. Edin Chonda - "Misnomer" (Malawi)

Best Actress in a Feature (Southern Africa)

  1. Wandipa Sebina - "Enough" (Botswana)

  2. Aletta Bezuidenhout - "On/Off" (South Africa)

  3. Natasha Chileshe - "Starting New" (Zambia)

  4. Jesca C. Mtoi - "The Midnight Bride" (Tanzania)

  5. Cathy Malenga - "Misnomer" (Malawi)

  6. Franciar Muchangwe - "Can You See Us?" (Zambia)

Best Director (Southern Africa)

  1. Kenny Roc Mumba - "Can You See Us?" (Zambia)

  2. Dickson Mwape - "Usiliye" (Zambia)

  3. Clerick Morgen - "The Midnight Bride" (Tanzania)

  4. Joe Njagu & Eddie Sandifolo - "Ngoda" (Zimbabwe)

  5. Harley Kaoma Mwewa - "AFILIKA (Africans)" (Zambia)

Best Feature Film (Zambia)

  1. "AFILIKA (Africans)"

  2. "Falling Short"

  3. "Can You See Us?"

  4. "Starting New"

  5. "Girls To Ladies"

Best International Feature Film

  1. "The Planters Plantation" - Cameroon

  2. "Njabala" - Uganda

  3. "BECKMA" - Nigeria

  4. "Everybody Wants to be Loved" - Germany

  5. "L’axe Lourd (The Highway)" - Cameroon

Best Feature Film (Southern Africa)

  1. "Misnomer" - Malawi

  2. "The Midnight Bride" - Tanzania

  3. "AFILIKA (Africans)" - Zambia

  4. "Mirage" - Zimbabwe

  5. "Time Spent with Cats is Never Wasted" - South Africa

  6. "Can You See Us?" - Zambia

  7. "Ngoda" - Zimbabwe

Please note that the detailed program and screening schedule will be announced later. The Festival is set to take place from 23rd to 30th September 2023 at the Zambian Italian Cultural Centre and Nu Metro Cinema in Lusaka, Zambia, under the theme 'Expansion to the World.'

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