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Start with Us and We shall be with you when we are up there, Copperbelt Producers urges ZNBC

Empowering Zambia's Media Industry: The Urgent Need for a Dedicated Entertainment Channel on ZNBC

The Copperbelt Producers, an influential group of media artists, have raised their voices in unity, calling for a dedicated entertainment channel on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC). Drawing inspiration from the success of African Magic, which boasts almost four channels dedicated to Nigerian content, these producers are determined to elevate Zambia's media industry to new heights. This case study delves into the significance of such a channel and the immense benefits it can bring to both ZNBC and the local media community.

African Magic's Success:

African Magic, a leading entertainment channel focused on Nigerian content, has become a powerhouse in the African media landscape. Despite criticisms regarding some content quality, it has amassed a loyal and diverse audience both within the continent and beyond. Copperbelt Producers acknowledge this success and seek to emulate it by presenting their unique storytelling and showcasing Zambia's cultural perspectives on our local Channel on ZNBC. Some content we see does not even equate to the quality that have been sought by our local broadcaster when infact they do not show quality the demand. All we ask is start with us like Nigerians started, today Nigeria good and great production on the continent because their own believed in them. Believe in us before it's too late.

Rising to Quality and Financing Standards:

Quality content is the cornerstone of a thriving media industry. Copperbelt Producers recognize the importance of delivering top-tier productions to attract viewers and advertisers alike. However, they face challenges in obtaining adequate financing and support from ZNBC to meet the standards required for by them in order to televise local content. With the necessary investment, Zambian producers can elevate their craft to rival global offerings. The few productions showing on ZNBC it's either the executive producer is an employee of ZNBC or a bestie to the content commissioner.

Protecting Local Content:

A dedicated entertainment channel is not just about promoting locally produced content; it is a means of preserving Zambia's cultural heritage and nurturing national pride. Without a dedicated platform, there is a risk of losing valuable stories to international networks that are diluting our priced stories. Copperbelt Producers strongly advocate for a channel that celebrates Zambian culture, traditions, and experiences, resonating with the local audience. We are being reaped from and our own government is just looking.

"In the name of bidding contests, our rich stories are slowly being looted by unscrupulous vendor channels that do not plough back."

The Economic Impact:

The creation of a dedicated entertainment channel can be a powerful economic driver for Zambia. By stimulating the creative economy, it opens up avenues for job creation in various sectors of the media industry. From actors and directors to producers and support services, an array of professionals can find new opportunities to thrive in their careers.

Moreover, increased local content can attract investments from advertisers and sponsors who recognize the potential of a loyal and engaged audience. This revenue generation can, in turn, be channeled back into the media industry, fostering growth and sustainability.

Promoting Zambian Culture:

Zambia is a land rich in cultural diversity, and its stories deserve to be heard. A dedicated entertainment channel serves as a powerful tool to promote Zambian culture and traditions. By providing a platform for authentic storytelling, the channel can enhance national identity, fostering a sense of unity and pride among citizens.

Building Audience Loyalty:

A dedicated channel not only provides a reliable source of entertainment but also builds loyalty among its viewers. By consistently offering high-quality and culturally relevant content, the channel can cultivate a devoted audience base. This loyal following not only boosts viewership but also attracts advertisers seeking to connect with an engaged target audience. Unlike what we are seeing where a foreigner comes to producer our stories resulting in diluted content which most Zambians can attest to. No one can producer our Chibwantu better than ourselves .

Collaboration for Success:

The Copperbelt Producers are not alone in their quest for a dedicated entertainment channel. They call upon ZNBC and other stakeholders to join forces in this endeavor. Collaboration and support from ZNBC are vital to making this vision a reality. Together, we can elevate local content and create a truly unique entertainment experience for Zambian viewers.


Time immemorial, the Copperbelt Producers have always ignited a spark of transformation in Zambia's media industry. Their call for a dedicated entertainment channel on ZNBC is a testament to their determination to raise the bar for quality content and celebrate the nation's rich cultural heritage. By investing in this venture, ZNBC can contribute significantly to the nation's economic growth while enriching Zambia's cultural landscape on a global stage. Together, let us empower Zambia's media industry and embark on an exciting journey of creativity and innovation. Don't demand what you can't produce yourself, help us help you. We are appealing through Nama and the Ministry that the MOU signed recently be put to work so that our plea can be realized.

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