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The Call for Local Entertainment Channel on ZNBC

Copperbelt Filmmakers Call for the Inclusion of a Local Film Channel on ZNBC: Amplifying Regional Creativity and Increased Local Content on Zambian TV Stations

Let the Copperbelt's cinematic voices reverberate across the nation. A local film channel on ZNBC is not just a channel, but a gateway to cultural richness, regional pride, and economic growth. It's time to amplify the creativity of Copperbelt filmmakers, bridging divides, fostering unity, and empowering the nation through the magic of storytelling. Together, we can ignite a cinematic revolution that resonates with hearts and transforms our cultural landscape.

Copperbelt filmmakers in Zambia have long been advocating for increased representation and exposure of their work on national television. They are urging the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Arts to collaborate with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) to establish a dedicated local film channel. Additionally, there is a growing call for the National Association of Media Arts (NAMA) to conduct audits of local content on TV stations. This article explores the importance of these initiatives and their potential to empower Copperbelt filmmakers and promote the growth of the local film industry.

The Need for Local Film Channels

Copperbelt filmmakers firmly believe that a dedicated local film channel on ZNBC is essential for showcasing their work to a wider audience. While the region has seen a rise in remarkable productions, the lack of a national platform for their films limits their reach and hinders their recognition. A local film channel would provide a powerful outlet for showcasing their talent, stories, and perspectives, enabling them to connect with audiences across the country and fostering a sense of pride within the Copperbelt filmmaking community.

Amplifying Local Voices

The establishment of local film channels not only benefits Copperbelt filmmakers but also amplifies the diverse voices and narratives that make up the fabric of Zambian culture. By increasing the representation of local content on television, audiences from all regions of the country can experience the richness of Copperbelt stories, traditions, and societal issues. This cultural exchange fosters empathy, understanding, and unity among different regions, ultimately strengthening the national identity.

Driving Economic Growth

Investing in local film channels and increasing local content on TV stations can have significant economic benefits. By providing a platform for the showcasing of local films, these initiatives create employment opportunities for actors, crew members, technicians, and other industry professionals. This, in turn, stimulates the growth of the creative arts industry, attracts investment, and generates revenue within the country. It also encourages talent retention and reduces the need for filmmakers to seek opportunities outside Zambia, contributing to the overall economic development of the nation.

NAMA Auditing Local Content

In addition to establishing local film channels, there is a growing demand for NAMA to conduct audits of local content on Zambian TV stations. This audit would ensure that broadcasters meet the requirements for showcasing a diverse range of local productions, providing fair opportunities for all filmmakers. By evaluating the amount and quality of local content aired, NAMA can drive accountability, encourage stations to prioritize local programming, and further enhance the visibility and recognition of Copperbelt filmmakers.

Collaboration for a Vibrant Future

The collaboration between the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Arts, ZNBC, and NAMA is crucial for realizing the vision of empowering Copperbelt filmmakers and promoting local content on TV stations. By working together, these entities can create an enabling environment that nurtures talent, supports creativity, and showcases the diversity of Zambian culture. This collaboration also sends a powerful message about the government's commitment to the development of the local film industry, fostering a sense of trust, and encouraging more filmmakers to pursue their passion within the country.

The call for local film channels and increased local content on Zambian TV stations is a significant step toward empowering Copperbelt filmmakers and promoting the growth of the local film industry. By providing a dedicated platform for their work and conducting audits to ensure fair representation, we can amplify their voices, celebrate their talent, and drive economic growth within the country. Let us support these initiatives, foster collaboration, and create a vibrant future for the Copperbelt film industry and the Zambian creative arts as a whole.

Kopala Rises up to the Challenge

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