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In conjunction with the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Arts and the National Arts Council (NAC), Zanaco held a Financial literacy workshop for Lusaka Artists today 16th February 2023 at Zanaco Headoffice.

During this workshop, Zanaco took time to explain a number of their products that Artists can tap into, in the Bank's quest to create a long-standing relationship with the Zambian creative industry. Among the products included;

  1. Current/savings account

  2. Fixed deposit accounts

  3. Treasure Accounts

  4. Govt securities

  • Treasury Bills

  • Govt Bonds

Agency Banking

The products were well explained to the amusement of Artists, who wished they had this information way before such that the individual Artists and the Sector would probably be at a different level today.

The Minister of the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Art Ministry realized the workshop, Mr. Elvis Nkandu thanked the Bank for accepting to host and enlighten the Artists. Also present was the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Mr. Chama Fumba, the Director of Arts Madam Esther Ngambi from MYSA, planning officials, Director of the National Arts Council Mr. Adrian Chipindi.

The Artists from all Arts Associations were fairly represented including the Association Heads.

PS. Chama Fumba addressing the artists

Zanaco assured the Artists and the Minister that this was one of the many engagements to come. The Bank officials also promised to hold similar workshops with Artists in other provinces.

The Permanent Secretary in his Remarks asked the Bank to tailor products that will suit the Arts industry such as short-term financing for

  • Album Launches

  • weekend shows

  • Film production financing

  • Premier /Festival financing

  • Exhibition financing

Among many others as they plan to partner with the Sector.

A vote of thanks was given by former NAC vice chairperson, Madam Agnes Nyendwa.

By Ice Morgans

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